Sunset Engagement Photos at Cool Creek Park | Michelle & Ben

Just a few days shy of Michelle and Ben’s first dating anniversary, we celebrated their upcoming wedding with sunset engagement photos at Cool Creek Park in Carmel! As I’ve gotten to know these two lovebirds, it’s obvious that their love grew quickly, and they are both so confident and sure in their relationship, and I am just so honored to capture their love story.

sunset engagement photos at Cool Creek Park in Carmel

Ben first met Michelle when he met some friends for karaoke. Ben admits that he wasn’t having a great day; his friends wanted to cheer him up, so he agreed to meet them. One of his friends was there with a girl, who happened to be Michelle, and they all went to hang out at a friend’s house afterward. Ben and Michelle struck up a conversation about “Big Bang Theory,” which they both liked. They sent messages back and forth that night, talking about how nice it was to have met, but Ben tried not to get his hopes up.

As the weeks went on, their conversations and time spent together were a bit sporadic. But Ben knew he wanted to get to know Michelle better, and one day he asked if she’d want to come hang out while he did laundry. As they hung out and played a game, he realized he really liked Michelle and would do anything if it meant he’d get to spend time with her.

With a few curveballs thrown into their story, Ben invited Michelle to go to Kings Island with him to celebrate his birthday in July 2022, and that’s when they decided to make their relationship official!

During a Halloween party, Ben knew that was the perfect moment to let Michelle know how much she means to him and to ask her to be his wife. So while they were hanging out alone, Ben grabbed the ring, told her how much he loves her, and he asked her to marry him. She couldn’t believe it, but she said yes!

Michelle and Ben chose Cool Creek Park for their engagement session, because they loved the variety of outdoor options it provides. Coincidentally, we had just had our annual family session at the same park, so it was fun to get to revisit the park with Michelle and Ben!

While it was rainy off and on all day, the clouds broke as I drove to Carmel for their session. But as I waited for Michelle and Ben to arrive, the clouds rolled in even thicker, which admittedly made me nervous. Thankfully, it never rained, but the hopes of having an epic sunset session in the gorgeous tall grasses seemed like a distant dream.

But Michelle and Ben were a dream to photograph. These two share a natural chemistry, and they were so easy going, it made it really easy to work with them. They just seemed to mesh together well, and we shared a lot of laughs along the way.

It just continued to get darker as the session went along, though, so I told Michelle and Ben we had plenty of photos and could head back to our cars. Just as we were turning around to head back, the sun tried to shine through the clouds and made for this epic lighting. Of course, we jumped right back in and grabbed some amazing last-minute sunset photos before parting ways.

Just a little over a year from the start of their relationship, Michelle and Ben will be married in Carmel at BASH in September, and they shared they are both just so thrilled to be joining together in marriage and starting their life as a family. They are planning a fabulous fall-themed wedding with their family and closest friends there to celebrate. It’s going to be a gorgeous day, and I am so excited for the two of them!

Michelle and Ben, I’m just so honored that you have chosen me as your wedding photographer, and I cannot wait to celebrate your marriage in September! Enjoy these previews from your engagement session!

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Autumn Howell Photography specializes in wedding and portrait photography in Fort Wayne, Kokomo, Indianapolis and beyond

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