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With the sun soaking through the trees of the wooded church property, Tabea and Daniel began to prepare for the day their hearts longed for – the day they join in union with one another and begin the next chapter of their love story. Their entire day was filled with joy, love, and laughter, and I’m so incredibly blessed that they chose me as their wedding photographer to capture their beautifully emotional and intimate ceremony in the woods.

bride Tabea looks over left shoulder at groom Daniel while holding bouquet in front of her This wedding was one that was dear to my heart because I’ve known the Meyer family for several years now. In fact, I first met Tabea’s sister Becca when I was only a freshman in college while she was still in high school. Our family paths crossed again when Tabea played in the pit of the marching band with my sister, so I was so delighted when they asked me to capture their wedding day because I just felt like another member of this amazing family – ready to rejoice in the joy of their union.

Tabea and Daniel first met one another in June 2015 at The Colorado Center for the Blind, a 9-month training program for adults who are blind. The Center allows for blind adults to learn alternative techniques for travel, home management, transportation, and Braille. In order to attend the center, Tabea left everything behind in Indiana with the goal of equipping herself with the skills for her graduate school. For Daniel, after living in Mississippi his whole life, he wanted to become equipped to live life truly as himself – to accept his life and live with the skills and training he needed to make the most of it.

Ironically enough, before they each left for Colorado, they each told their siblings that they would never date or marry another blind person. Each of them had bad experiences previously with dating other blind people before, so they both flew to Colorado with goals set to develop their skills, not a relationship.

But when Daniel first heard Tabea’s voice, it really caught his attention and it sounded like the voice of an angel. When he first heard her laugh, he couldn’t believe that someone could be that genuine and happy.

After a couple of weeks, Daniel began relentlessly pursuing Tabea, even though they had decided that they would get to know each other as friends. Daniel began to bring her coffee every day; he even committed to learning more about coffee terminology and went out of his way to be able to interact with her. In December 2015, the two began their dating relationship and grew in vulnerability and love for one another. They spent a lot of time exploring Denver together during their time at the training center, then Tabea was accepted to a graduate program, which allowed them to spend more time together during her time in school.

In June 2017, two years after they first met, Daniel took Tabea on an adventure day, where they started the day at her favorite breakfast spot, then he took her on a horseback ride. They had dinner at her favorite restaurant in downtown Denver, then ended the night with a carriage ride where Daniel proposed. When Tabea finished graduate school, she and Daniel moved back to Indianapolis and began planning for their fall wedding.

Tabea said that they had ideas for what they envisioned the wedding day to look like, but it was much more challenging to pull together. She said that they can’t access Pinterest for ideas, so they literally had to pull the ideas for their wedding decor from their very own mind and put to words what they had envisioned. With Daniel growing up in the south, they started by looking up what a traditional southern wedding entailed. The first two ideas were the incorporation of crystal and peach tones, and Tabea really wanted to incorporate some rustic charm into the day, as well. Daniel is a huge fan of Alabama, so they incorporated the crimson red into the ties and the Alabama logo into the tie clips for the groom and groomsmen.

Their ceremony was set right outside the woods of Crossroads Community Church in Kokomo, Indiana right in front of the most beautiful handcrafted wooden arbor. Daniel’s father designed the arbor and brought it up from Mississippi for the wedding, making for the most beautiful backdrop for their exchange of vows.

As the music began to play, Tabea’s brothers walked her down the aisle, handing her off to her mother, who gave her away to Daniel. As she walked down the aisle, my heart melted watching Daniel’s eyes fill with tears, and Tabea looked absolutely radiant walking toward him.

Their family and friends stood up with them as their wedding party, and Pastor Kevin Smith, who has known the family for many years, officiated the wedding. Tabea’s sisters and brother-in-law led their guests in a time of worship, and they tied cord strands for their unity ceremony, involving their mothers and siblings in helping tie the cords.

Tabea and Daniel were both filled with such joy throughout the entire day, and their love was seriously one of the most genuine I’ve seen in my time as a wedding photographer. They spoke so softly and sweetly to one another, and they were completely elated to get to marry their best friend that very day. I loved getting to capture the two of them laughing together! Tabea shared that Daniel pushes her to be the best version of herself, and it’s incredibly fitting considering they love exploring the outdoors together to keep pushing and stretching themselves to do new, uncomfortable things together.

I absolutely adore whenever a couple can make the wedding day truly their own, and Tabea and Daniel did just that – weaving their family’s involvement into the most beautiful ceremony that led me to tears a few times myself! What a joy and pleasure to be a part of such a beautiful day of two souls crazy for each other and for what God has for them.

Tabea and Daniel, thank you so much for choosing me to capture your wedding day. It was truly a joy to be a part of your celebration, and I’m so excited to share these sneak peeks with you and your family!

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Autumn Howell Photography specializes in wedding and portrait photography in Fort Wayne, Kokomo, Indianapolis and beyond

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Autumn Howell Photography specializes in wedding and portrait photography in Fort Wayne, Kokomo, Indianapolis and beyond

Tel 765.432.7263