Intimate Summer Wedding in Fishers | Nisreen & Michael

When Nisreen first reached out to me about their intimate summer wedding in Fishers, I knew they would have the most beautiful day. Nisreen’s family opened their home to their closest family and friends on Fourth of July weekend to celebrate with their marriage ceremony and reception.

Nisreen first met Michael through their physics class while they were students at Purdue. She said that during her first physics lab, her group didn’t finish their lab report and she knew she was going to fail the assignment. She frantically worked to get as much as she could, while pleading with her TA for more time. She ended up late to her physics lecture, and her usual seat was already taken when she arrived.

She sat near the back, and she didn’t realize at first she had sit next to Michael, a member of her physics group. He tapped her shoulder during lecture, and she was eager to talk to him. She told him why she was late and how the physics lab went so horribly… she was ready to cry. She said Michael replied, “You’re so animated. If you started crying, I’d probably start crying too.”

Fast forward, Michael proposed over Memorial Day weekend in the lecture hall at Purdue where their conversation first began. Michael went all out decorating the lecture hall into what Nisreen called a “magical wonderland, harnessing the same power he uses every day to make my mundane life feel like a fairytale.”

I was so floored by their story as she shared with me, because it was so sweet. They chose to get married about a month later in the most intimate wedding celebration at her parents’ home in Fishers. Their outfits and decor were absolutely stunning and so colorful, and I couldn’t believe that I got to capture this amazing day for the two of them.

Their family and friends were filled with nothing but love and joy for Nisreen and Michael, and we were able to capture so many amazing portraits throughout the day. They were just so excited to get married and celebrate their love for one another, and it turned out to be the perfect day!

Nisreen and Michael, I am so excited for the two of you, and I love that you are starting on your adventure as a married couple. I wish you nothing but the best, and hope you continue to fall deeply in love with one another! Enjoy the photos.

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Autumn Howell Photography specializes in wedding and portrait photography in Fort Wayne, Kokomo, Indianapolis and beyond

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Autumn Howell Photography specializes in wedding and portrait photography in Fort Wayne, Kokomo, Indianapolis and beyond

Tel 765.432.7263