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Becky & Nawaf’s intimate Marion Indiana wedding at God’s House Ministries was one that was filled with great emotion and love. From the laughter the two shared throughout the day to the love and joy their family and friends shared in with them, this is a wedding that I won’t soon forget.

Their love story began in November 2016, and both Becky and Nawaf know that it is no coincidence that these two just happened to meet at a ping pong tournament at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion. Becky’s friend Audrey bribed Becky into going with her with the promise of ice cream. While at the tournament, they met a new friend, Yuri, who then introduced the ladies to his friend Nawaf. On Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, Becky and Nawaf found themselves together again, noticing each other a little more. After a spontaneous grocery date where Nawaf kept forgetting his eggs in her fridge to make sure he saw Becky again, the rest of their story has been history.

Three months after their first date, they chose an engagement ring together, and Nawaf quickly came up with a plan to propose to Becky at the Gardens of Matter Park in April. After an elaborate story to distract Becky, she became suspicious as she and her friend Audrey approached the park. Once they exited the car, Nawaf took Becky’s hand, shared with her that God is beginning one new story from two amazing stories, and asked Becky to be his wife. Of course she said yes, and three months later, we have their beautiful, intimate wedding where they pledged their lives to one another in front of their closest friends and family.

One of the first things I noticed about Becky and Nawaf is that they are both very laid back, patience, and full of joy – together and separately. It was quickly apparent that they are very loved by their family and friends, and throughout the day, I loved hearing all about their story and lives from their friends, who just continued to reveal the best traits of their character.

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We spent the entire day at God’s House Ministries, where Becky and Nawaf attend church. The ladies got ready in a room to the side of the main stage, which had gorgeous lighting to capture Becky getting ready to meet her groom. As Becky’s cousin and maid of honor Jennifer applied her makeup and helped her into her dress, Nawaf showed up, dressed fully in his suit and tie, and Becky’s brother Tyler helped pin the boutonniere on Nawaf. One of my favorite parts about spending the day with Nawaf is that with his Saudi Arabian culture, all these American wedding traditions were so new to him, which made it so fun to see our culture through his lens.

bride getting into dress at God's House Ministries in Marion, IndianaBride putting in earrings at God's House Ministries in Marion, IndianaBride getting ready for wedding at God's House Ministries in Marion, Indianamother watching bride in dressing room at God's House Ministries in Marion, IndianaGroom getting ready at God's House Ministries in Marion, Indiana
I loved watching Becky’s mom’s reactions as she stepped into her dress. Becky looked gorgeous, and her mother made sure that this bride knew exactly how beautiful she was on her wedding day and how much her mother loved her.

One of the most touching moments of the day was right after Becky greeted Nawaf during their first look, we had to take a few moments for Nawaf to wipe away his tears of joy. It was seriously so precious!

Groom wipes away tear during first look at God's House Ministries in Marion, Indiana

During the ceremony, the pastor asked Nawaf for the rings, and he had to spend a few minutes digging in his pocket to look for the rings. Laughter erupted throughout the church, and the laughter grew louder when he finally presented the pastor with the rings. I loved this special moment during their ceremony, as it will be one that they will never forget and will always bring laughter when they think of it.

During the reception, the speeches from Jennifer, maid of honor, and Yuri, best man, were absolutely touching. After Yuri’s speech, it was clear to everyone in the audience that Becky and Nawaf’s relationship is not pure coincidence, but that God has brought them together for a purpose and they are so excited to live it out!

It was a perfect day, and these two truly compliment one another. They are both always smiling and love one another deeply. I’m so happy that I got to document the start of their love story.

Becky and Nawaf, I am so happy that I got to be a part of your wedding day. Thank you for being such an amazing couple to work with. I hope that your new adventure just gets better and better each day. Cheers to years of love and happiness!

bride and groom rings in Marion, Indiana

Groom wipes away tear during first look at God's House Ministries in Marion, Indiana

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