Abi & Spencer’s Summer Engagement at Potter’s Bridge Park

Abi and Spencer’s summer engagement at Potter’s Bridge Park was such a dream! I was so excited to finally meet this fun couple, and they chose one of my favorite parks in Noblesville for their session. We had some surprise guests at the end, that I was so excited to get to meet!

Abi first met Spencer when she was 16. She was best friends with his sister all throughout high school, so they would hang out sometimes. During her junior year of college, she came home, and she and Spencer ran into each other at the gym. Every time they did, they wouldn’t end up working out. They’d just sit there talking until 2 AM. They started dating, and the rest is history!

Abi’s grandfather owned and operated We Care Park in Kokomo, which is actually where I grew up! He ran it for 26 years before retiring, and I remember going there as a kid myself! Spencer knew how important this was to Abi, so he talked with Abi’s grandfather and used We Care Park to propose to Abi. They decorated it for Valentine’s Day, and he proposed on February 16, 2020, with Abi’s family there to witness it.

We had a blast during their engagement session. These two are a whole lot of fun together, and I just enjoyed getting to know them and laughing together. Toward the end of our time together, Abi’s mom came with our surprise guests – Luna and Koda – Abi and Spencer’s adorable huskies. As a husky owner myself, I was so excited that they included them in their engagement session, and they did an incredible job for the camera! Just check out how adorable they are!

Abi and Spencer will be married at The Hobson this fall, which will give Abi the modern look for her day that she was looking for. During our initial call, Abi told me that her grandfather was also a city councilman in Kokomo, so bringing her wedding celebration back to Kokomo where her family has so much history is going to make the day extra special! I cannot wait to celebrate with them this fall!

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